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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Cahaya Bulan Beach - Kelantan

Cahaya Bulan Beach also known as Pantai Cahaya Bulan in Bahasa Malaysia. In former times admits illustration post map beach as the beach of the passionate love or the Pantai Cinta Berahi, is this. The name was then changed to the present name, which meant the "moonlight beach". This attractive expansion shimmering of the sand is possibly Kelanians most famous beach.

Its warm golden sand and moves blue crystal water under the high and willful palms on to put on the sand straight and aalen themselves in the sun. Eingesaeumt by affecting of casuarinas and of of coconut palms, the ideal place for picknicks, the Kampieren and relaxation making available. It is the perfect Getaway for the world-slow-acting. Set for Cahaya Bulan/Pantai Cahaya Bulan on the beach (PWB) the beach expansions approximately 1.2km.

Cahaya Bulan to the beach are popular definately one croud puller during the weekends, under the native one to the bath under the sun and estimate the Tranquility, which is offered to the coastal east coast by the natural beauty. The abundance at the cultural and artistic business, which Cahaya Bulan adds the way to the beach its charm and beauty of this expansion of the beach verzieren.

If you set for Cahaya Bulan/Pantai Cahaya Bulan on the beach (PWB) visitors can by the multitute artifat business, with leading some szenischer villages to stop and discover something from Kelantans rich inheritance, including batik pressures, kite songket and copper-worked on handicrafts. Feel free to fall past and have a practical to understand to the technology of producing such difficult art products like most connection welcomes visitors.

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