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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Tanjung Bidara - Malacca

There are beautiful beaches in Malacca which are located in Tanjung Bidara.

Tanjung Bidara is a very famous beach that is popular with tourists and locals. A hot spot located some 35km north of Malacca town, Tanjung Bidara has lovely white sandy beaches and shady casuarinas.

Sandy beaches edged with palm trees, and the pleasant surrounding has brought a number of resorts to this part of the west coast. After a day's tour devouring Malaysia's fascinating history, retreat to the sea and sand for a leisurely evening outing. Afterall, where else can you baste in the the glory of the sun in your favourite bikini.

The beach is ideal for swimming, water-skiing, and canoeing. Chalets and motels are available, and there are many picnic spots.. Visitors can opt to stay over at the Tanjung Bidara Resort. The road leading to the resort is also picturesque with many paddy fields and Malay kampung houses sitting in an idyllic, serene background. Tanjung Bidara promises to be a memorable experience!.

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