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Monday, January 21, 2008

Pulau Besar-Malacca

The name, Pulau Besar (formerly known as Pulau Babi Besar/ The big
boars Island) is strange to many despite its idyllic beaches and stunning natural beauty. The island which is surrounded by Pulau Rawa, Pulau Sibu & Pulau Tinggi is characterized by quiet, clean beaches of powdery white sand that promises an amazingly spectacular view.Crystal clear waters surround the island, The island houses many exotic coral reefs and underwater flora as well as numerous chalets and restaurants. Pulau Besar is an island off the coast of Malacca, Besar island is accesible by boat from Mersing town (approximately 30 minutes).

The waters are so clean that visitors can even see the many reefs from the surface. To preserve the unspoiled marine life, the Government has gazetted it as a marine park to protect around 60 species of marine life from any activity that can harm their natural habitats within 2 nautical miles around the island.

Here, you can find many species of the giant cockle that live on the ocean floor and 6 of them can only be found around Mersing waters.A number of the surrounding islands such as Pulau Aur, Pulau Pemanggil, Pulau Tinggi and Pulau Rawa have been identified as new habitats for the new generation of the giant cockles.

The popular myth from the island that is popular with the locals is about a couple that transformed into mermaids. The story goes that once, the pregnant wife of a local fisherman had a craving for a seaweed that can only be found in the waters of Mersing. After dining on the seaweed, she was transformed into a mermaid and her heartbroken husband decided to join her by dining on the very same seaweed that she took. Even to this day, the locals claim that they can still see the couple swimming around the island together. During low tide, one can see small nibble marks on the island rocks that are said to be the mark of the mermaids.

The island is considered a holy place by local believers. They are also to be in their best behavior while on the island.

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bonnie said...

That is not a picture of Pulau Besar. I've been going there for almost 20 years, most recently a month ago. Although the rest of what was said is fairly accurate the picture is not.