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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Morib beach, Selangor

If the popular west coast beach recovery places are a point, which is pushed also for you, you could find to Morib, been because of the southern end of the Selangor of condition, more attractively.

Approximately 1 drive of the 1/2-hours von Kuala Lumpur, is it the perfect place for something calm, calm relaxation. Surrounded, by whispering casuarinas and affecting palms, you can comb the beaches of Morib during low tides and look for seashells or watch out small crabs to run away and disappear into the sand.

They can spread a mat even out and establish to a picknick lunch beside a shady casuarina woodland. Selangor Morib beach for history loving is Morib also to an abundance of the historical places of assembly head. The ruins of the old government building and the royal graves give to be landed with Jugra, including an abandoned palace by the 1800's. connected forces, also on this expansion of the beach in September 1945 and mark the end of the Japanese occupation of the army of Malaya.

Those, which would like to spend the night, can look for adjustment in close convenient hotel the Sri Morib. Selangor Morib beach Morib to received is accessible from Kuala Lumpur by the Land of the Federal Republic route or the north sound lowering motorway over sound there. From sound you continue to Banting before reaching Morib. In order to reach Morib with the bus, you should a Kuala Lumpur Banting bus of the sound bus station in Kuala Lumpur flat. From Banting you take another bus or taxi, which exercise the Morib way.

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